Oops: Disney Uses Black Princess to Sell Watermelon Candy

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Oh my broccoli. (Something my daughter has started saying instead of “Oh my God.” Take it. Run with it. It’s my gift to you.) Jezebel just shared a photo via Sociological Images that features Princess Tiana on the cover of a watermelon-flavored candy, right next to Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty), who is selling – you guessed it – the vanilla version.


I mean, how dumb can you be, Disney? Excuse me, I mean, how dumb can you be, boss? (You may remember that Disney bought Babble for a pretty penny back in November.) Lord. There are no words, so I’ll just quote Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel who says the packaging “either winks at or is completely oblivious of the stereotype that black people love watermelon.” Either way, it’s like, why? How? Who even likes watermelon-flavored candy anyway? That was always the worst Jolly Rancher you could get. Also, why does candy pretend to have discernible flavors? Candies should just be called red sugar, orange sugar, yellow sugar, green sugar, blue sugar, purple sugar… they are literally all the same flavor. Skittles gets it: taste the rainbow. And speaking of diversity … Ryan notes that “it appears that the (vanilla and watermelon) are meant to be integrated in order to create a new magical dreamland of tastesplosion, so even though Dig N’ Dips are appealing to stereotypes, maybe the whole thing is a metaphor for how the world is more delicious if we simply listen to each other.” Maybe. At least Disney isn’t pimping “Tiana’s fried chicken.”

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