King's Speech Director Says Film was His Mom's Idea

kings speech, oscars 2011
The movie that, thanks to Mom, got made.

While best actress Oscar-winner Natalie Portman thanked her parents for “giving her life,” this year’s best director, Tom Hooper, thanked his mother for pointing him to a the story that would become the “King’s Speech” (which, incidentally, also won best picture).

In his acceptance speech, Hooper explains that his mother had been invited to a play-reading, something she had never before attended and something she wasn’t all that jazzed about going to.

But she went.

The next day, the director explained, she told him: “Tom, I think I’ve found your next film.”

Hooper beat out 11 other director nominees, as did the movie itself.

Hooper thanked Colin Firth and others in his acceptance speech, but he left the worldwide audience with this piece of advice that, thankyouverymuch, I happen to agree with: listen to your mother.