Oscars 2012: Rango Wins Best Animated Film - But Is it For Kids?

Rango - Is it For Kids?

The winner of the Best Animated Feature was Rango. You remember that one? The Johnny Depp voiced old west tinged film that came out last year? It beat out Puss in Boots.

And when the creator of the film went up to receive he brought up a a very good point. He went up to the mic and immediately said, “someone asked me if this movie is for kids.” He continued saying…

That he didn’t know but he said that it was made by “a bunch of grown-ups acting like children.” But when the film first came out there were strong opinions that it was not, and I repeat, not for the kid set. In an iVillage piece, the reviewer wrote, “I’m not going to mince words: Do not bring your under-10 kids to see Rango.” And Common Sense Media warned that the film “was extremely violent – meaning, impalement, hanging, drowning, kidnapping, burning, explosions, shooting LOTS and LOTS of shooting, guns being pointed in peoples faces, even CHILD characters holding guns and shooting guns.”

But the Oscar category isn’t actually called “Children’s Film section” or “Totally G Rated Kid Flicks.” It’s to honor films and the artistry of their animation. And one thing about Rango? It was gorgeous.

Did you see Rango with your kids?


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