Oslo Norway: Will 7/22 Be Their 9/11 — How Much Will Terrorism Affect Families in The Country?

Will 7/22 be Norway's 9/11?

Terrorism has far longer affects on a society than the first initial shock and awe of the violent attacks inflicted. There are the first victims, and then the rest of the country becomes inflicted in their own way – becoming on edge, scared and frightened. That’s just what happened to the United States after the attacks on 9/11. It changed the course of our country. And now terrorist attacks have plaguing a place that is known for their peacefulness the Scandinavian country of Norway. How will the events of 7/22 effect Norway’s essence and psychological well-being?

There will be ramifications, damage done that is deeper than the bullet wounds and shrapnel. On 7/22 there wasn’t just one attack, but two. First a government building that was home to the country’s prime minister office – was bombed. Then a youth camp on an island near Oslo was hit by a gunman,  shooting into a crowd. According to latest reports there was a total of about 16 fatalities. That is far less than the 2,996 deaths on 9/11, but the psychological damage on the country will probably be just as biting. In the United States, especially in the realm of air travel, there has been distinct changes with heightened security based on the initial attacks that were airplane based. Does this mean that government building and summer camps in Norway will become far more scrutinized? Will life go back to normal in Norway, or will this county join the ranks of other lands tormented by terrorism scared of what could happen next? And the children, will these events forever change how they perceive the world?

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