Overweight Parents Lose Kids For Being Fat


fat-familyA mother who weighs over three hundred pounds and her husband who weighs around two hundred fifty pounds have had all seven of their kids, including a newborn baby, taken away from them.

The couple’s attorney says the kids were taken by UK officials because of her clients’ weight issues.

The authorities deny it – but early in September, when Mom was still pregnant, the Times reported two of the kids were removed because they were feared to be leaning toward being dangerously overweight. One son, a twelve- or thirteen-year-old boy (his exact age varies by account) who weighs around two hundred twenty-four pounds, was becoming a concern for the parents, who sought the help of local officials to get his weight under control.

But instead of helping them, the parents said social workers made a surprise visit and took two of the kids. Then they came back, eventually taking all seven, including the boy and a baby born just this week.

Extreme obesity is becoming a recognized form of child abuse, and scientists have found that overweight parents beget overweight kids – not just through genetics but because of the poor eating habits handed down to the next generation. Is it fair, however, to go after parents who were seeking help for their child?

I’m also curious to see how many consider 224 pounds on a teenage boy child abuse.  It’s overweight, definitely, but we’re not talking the 555-pound child in South Carolina here.

Image: Sky News

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