Feeling Nostalgic? Teach Your Kids to Play Pacman on Google!

google pacman
Google Pacman!

As I noted in my post about today’s Google Doodle celebrating the life and works of Jules Verne, the animated submarine is not the first fully interactive logo the company has ever created.  Back in May, Google created a mini-version of the arcade classic Pacman in honor of the game’s 30th anniversary.  Little did I know, Google didn’t get rid of the Doodle immediately afterwards.  They’ve stored it on their site for anyone to play anytime for free!  What?  Why are you keeping secrets, Internet?!

And – get this.  If you’re an iGoogle user, there are several full-size versions of the game you can play for free as well.  Just add the gadget to your account and it will appear on your iGoogle homepage.

To play mini-Pacman without having to download anything, check out Google’s storage page for their PacDoodle.  To add one of the many other free versions of Pacman to your iGoogle account, click here.  Forget XBox 360 – show your kids what video games are really all about!  Use the arrow keys to chomp them dots, baby.  That’s how we do!

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