Palin's Kid Isn't a Republican

sarahpalinIt looks like teenage rebellion runs high in the Palin family. First the abstinence-touting family’s teen daughter gets pregnant, now their son comes out . . . as “not a Republican.”

Technically it was the former governor (oh, that’s so fun to say, isn’t it?) who let loose that son Track, who is serving in the U.S. military is registered as “non-partisan” (I think she means an independent). And he’s not the only member of the Palin family to go rogue.

The former vice-presidential nominee (yes, I’m liking the word former in relation to Sarah Palin) has admitted her husband is also “non-partisan,” although in his case, he was a member of that ultra-conservative group the Alaska Independence Party (remember, the one that wanted the state to secede so they could watch over Russia alone?).

So chances are, Track Palin could be as conservative as his parents. Then again, maybe not.

A study released late last month from the Pew Research Center revealed the widest generation gap since the sixties. The eighteen-to-twenty-nine-year-olds voted liberal (for Obama) by a two-to-one ratio, and almost eight in ten people “believe there is a major difference in the point of view of younger people and older people today.” That’s the largest gap since ’69, the year of Woodstock, the moon walk and the summer of peace, love and not getting along with The Man . . . or Mom and Dad.

I’d like to think my kid will agree with me on all the major issues, that she’ll hold firm to the belief system we’re setting her up with. But chances are she’ll be even more liberal than me. Isn’t that progress?

Of course, as Sarah Palin is accustomed to keeping us aprised of the color of her kids’ snot, expect to be hearing another gangbuster any day now. Perhaps Willow Palin lets her boy dolls sleep in the same box?

Image: Washington Times

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