Panic at the Dashboard! Finding Blogging Topics

You know you need to update your blog. You’ve opened your browser, you’ve opened up your blogging platform, and now the cursor is staring at you accusingly, flashing that annoying flash on white…

What the hell do you write about?

Now, I’m not talking about writer’s block. Writer’s block is when you know what you should blog about but the words won’t come. We’ve written plenty about writer’s block here at MomCrunch; there are things you can do to tackle that beast.

But today I’m just going to talk about finding things to write about.

Here are some great ways to find cool things to blog about.

Start with Google Trends. If you want to know what topics are hot on any given day, you can hit Google Trends up and see what everyone else is talking about. Once you’ve found something great to write about, I’d suggest heading over to Google News and see how, exactly, everyone is discussing the subject.

Then? Write about it in a unique way. Take a different tack. Infuse the news story with relevance to your audience. If you write for other moms, you can work in the mom angle. Talk about the bit of news impacts your daily life, or your family.

It helps, tremendously, if you pick things you are passionate about.

Another great tool combined with the Google Trends/News idea is an old standby: an editorial calendar. If you have a sense of what you plan to write on any given day, you can easily search the trends and the news to see what’s being discussed that’s related to your topic. Easy peasy!

Another great bit of advice is to do this. It’s a big one. It’s really important. You ready?


If you want to be inspired, if you want to be a better blogger, if you want to know what the blogging community is interested in reading you MUST read other blogs. Load up your RSS reader (I prefer Google Reader, because Google owns me, apparently) with your favorite blogs. Want to write about politics? Read politic blogs from each side (as painful as that can be). Want to write about cooking? Read other food bloggers.

You get the point. Hope this helps you find topics on those days you’re straining. Good luck!

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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