Parent Writers and Artists Send Haiti Their Love



An international collaboration of writers, photographers, painters, sculptors and crafters has come together for a unique auction with proceeds headed to help children in earthquake-hit Haiti.

The weeklong auction begins this morning and is organized by artist Rene Joshi Sims of fruityfantasia and Kate Inglis, the writer behind Sweet/Salty and the children’s book, The Dread Crew, Pirates of the Backwoods. The proceeds go to the St. Joseph’s Family of Homes in Haiti, a relief organization for impoverished children. The Canadian government will match all donations through the end of the week.

From the web site: René first heard of Wings of Hope via the Canada for Haiti telethon on January 22, 2010. The fragile and extraordinary children on screen reminded her of her son and the many children she knows in the special needs community. She has no money and a garage full of art and thought others might be in the same boat. “I emailed Kate, Kate emailed everyone else, and voilÝ . Here we all are, with so much to offer,” she says.

So much to offer indeed. The donations are pouring in. From amazing photographs to incredible journals, paintings to sculptures, the auction boasts some powerful art and even a ski-week getaway (full disclosure: I donated a pair of children’s pants for the effort).

The auction begins this morning and runs through Friday. I hope you check it out. The art is not only fantastic, but all the proceeds go to an incredible cause.

More information at To Haiti with Love.

(Photo credit: To Haiti with Love)