Parenting FAIL: Dad Leaves His Babies in Hot Car to Go Gun Shopping

Do Not Leave the Baby in the Car to Buy Guns!

Every now and then you hear about a parent leaving his or her babies unattended in the car. I’m not talking leaving your kid for two minutes like our own Meredith Carroll admitted earlier today. We’re talking about those who intentionally leave their babies in the car for an extended period of time so they can do something very non-parental.  Sometimes it’s so they can run into the store to do some shopping, sometimes they go to get a quick drink, or maybe to visit their local strip club. But this dad? He left his 5-month old son and his 18-month-old daughter in a hot car for almost a hour. Why?So he could go gun shopping!

In Katy, Texas, a father reportedly left his two very young children in his car while it was about 70 degrees outside (which means it was far hotter inside the car). Someone nearby heard the babies crying and called 911 and the gun store started to investigate as well.

“We asked everybody in the store,” the gun store owner said. “We thought times are tough, and maybe they dropped them off in front of a gun store hoping someone would get them.” The owner was particularly disturbed by what was happening.

“I am a father first and business owner second, and I’ll be damned if anybody wastes their money buying my stuff when their kids are being pushed off as second class citizens,” he added. The gun store owner took matters in his own hands and reviewed the parking lot security footage to figure out who the father was.

Paramedics came to the scene and fortunately the children were fine, but the mother was called to come claim the kids (and the father left with them).  Yup, he left with them. He was not arrested and the District Attorney opted to not press charges. However, this may not be the end of it, as the case has been referred to the Child Protective Services.

Do you think parents should be arrested in a case like this?


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