Parenting FAIL: Man Tries to Sell Daughter to Raise Bail for Girlfriend


iStock_000003202906XSmallEvery now and then we hear one of those stories of a person trying to sell their child. There could be many motives for such a despicable attempt at human trafficing; they could be drug addicts, they could be idiots, or they could merely want to profit off their misguided attempt at parenthood. But Shawn Wayne Hughes, a 32-year-old man from Kingsport, Tenn., had a completely different reason for trying to sell his child, but it’s just as despicable.

According to police, the man tried to sell his 6-year-old daughter to raise $1500 to pay the bail for his girlfriend. And the reason why his girlfriend was in jail to begin with? Apparently for charges of child abuse and neglect. Quite a pair, huh?

The dad was arrested and, as the Kingsport Timesnews reports, “charged with illegal payments in connection with placement of a child and two counts of possession of drugs.” The man was busted when his girlfriend’s grandmother tipped off police that he had called her trying to have her pay $1500 in exchange for legal custody of the child. The police had the grandma set up a place to do the exchange but when Hughes arrived, he was confronted by the police and arrested.

And while Hughes just wanted to get $1500 to get his girlfriend out of the slammer, he is now being held for $16,000 bail and his girlfriend is still behind bars.

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