Parenting FAIL: Mom Forces Son to Chug 40 Oz of Malt Liquor & Thats Not All…

4-Year-Old Forced to Drink 40 oz

Yes, it is hot out. And yes, we want to make sure our kids stay hydrated when playing at the playground. Generally the drink of choice would be water or a juice box. Apparently 29-year-old Juliette Dunn of Bridgeport, Connecticut didn’t get the memo and skipped parenting 101, but if graded today this lady would have earned a great big F.

The mom reportedly forced her four-year-old son to chug a 40 oz of the malt liquor Steel Reserve while at the park, then called him an alcoholic. But it turns out that the high octane Steel Reserve isn’t his favorite, he told a social worker that he prefers Natty Ice or Budweiser. The mom admitted that she gives him a beer every day.  But that’s not all…her ten-month-old daughter tested positive for cocaine.  The mother told the police she had no idea how that could have happened since she doesn’t breastfeed her.  Her daughter also tested positive for alcohol, and when the family was spotted, there was a baby bottle near her daughter that appeared to be filled with beer.

Juliette Dunn was arrested and charged with “two counts of risk of injury to a child and two counts of second-degree assault and was being held in lieu of $100,000 bond.”

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