Parenting FAIL: Mom Leaves Kid Out in the Rain to Get Her Drink On

Parenting FAIL Mugshot

So many parenting ‘FAILS’ include the misguided quest for booze. To add to our archive of bad judgment comes the questionable parenting stylings of 34-year-old Florida mother named Sarah Cheek.

Her parenting crime? She left her 5-year-old sitting in a stroller outside a bar while she went drinking…at 10 p.m. at night no less.  But she had an excuse (they always do don’t they?). What went down?

Sarah went into the Daytona Beach bar – aptly named the Crooks Den – for about twenty minutes. She claims she just went in to try to get a job. But witnesses said she sat at the bar and consumed two drinks while her daughter sat outside, all alone, in the rain, while mommy got her drink on. Her daughter thought she went into the bar for another reason, she reportedly told her child that she “was going inside to get her a candy bar.”

But instead of candy bar, she got a mom who has been arrested for charges of child neglect.

Via: Jezebel
Image: 13News

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