Parenting FAIL x 10: Parents Leave 10 Kids in Hot Car While They Hit Bar

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Parenting FAIL x 10

If you plan on going out and hitting the bar to get your drink on, hire a sitter or get a family member to watch your children. You know what you don’t do? You don’t lock your six kids along with your friends’ four kids in a hot SUV while you go to the Alibi Bar to booze it up.  But that what 25-year-old Mackisha B. Johnson, 38-year-old Christopher M. Jones and 30-year-old Shacona Johnson did in Springfield, MO.

Between the three of them, they have ten kids. All the children ranging in age from 7 months to 11 years – were kept locked in an SUV while their parents went to drink.  The temperature that day clocked in at 101 degrees.  But the parents did reportedly leave the keys in the car so the kids could turn the air conditioning on.  After a while (about two hours later) witnesses noticed the children in the car (which had tinted windows) and called authorities.

“I could see the children running around, jumping the seats and what not. And so yeah, I was a little concerned what was going to happen,” said one of the witnesses. “They were jumping up in the front seat and turning on the car to get air. And I think the concern was they might actually drive through that building or something and just drive out.”

Fortunately all the ten kids are doing fine, are in good health and are now under protective custody. Their parents were arrested for misdemeanor child endangerment.

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