News Roundup: This Week's Top 10 Parenting Stories

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This Week's Top 10 Stories

1. Elizabeth Edwards, 61, Loses Battle with Cancer: On Monday this week Edward’s family announced that she would not continue treatment for her cancer and on Tuesday she passed away at the family home in North Carolina. Two of our Strollerderby bloggers wrote touching and personal stories about this, and the editors talked about Edward’s farewell.

2. Cartoon characters and Facebook all over the place: Facebook started using cartoon avatars to raise awareness about violence against children. It sparked Carolyn to take a walk down memory lane with cartoon characters from the 70’s and 80’s who have stood the test of time — it’s been way too long since I’ve thought about my small blue friends. And John was feeling a bit of Foghorn Leghorn nostalgia too, but mainly ruminating about the general lackluster of current-day cartoons. Meanwhile on Facebook, now we’ve got numbers in our status to keep up with.

3. Michelle Rhee’s One Billion Dollars: On Oprah this week, the former chancellor of the Washington DC public school system announced she will raise a billion for “Students First” to improve children’s eduction. Robin astutely wondered why she wouldn’t join forces with organizations like The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation instead of creating a whole new enterprise, and whether, as someone who advocates for charter schools, she’ll really weigh the evidence about how effective they actually are.

4. Dr. Sears, Love ’em or Hate ’em, He’s Not the Father of Attachment: In a Science of Kids column this week I brought up the fact that Dr. Sears is a pediatrician — his advice is just that, advice. He didn’t actually come up with the concept of attachment and, in fact, true attachment theory has nothing to do with baby-wearing, co-sleeping, or even going back to work and putting a child in daycare.

5. No, 37 Weeks is Not “Full-Term”:  the practice of inducing before 39 weeks is widespread, but it’s dangerous and shouldn’t be done, unless there’s a medical necessity. Doctors groups and hospitals in some states are cutting out the practice of elective inductions before 39 weeks. Good news that I hope will spread.

6. Legendary Santa Fired for Being a Bit to Naughty:  He’s been all sugar and spice with kids for 20 years, but when the 68 year old man who played Santa at the Union Square Macy’s in San Fran told a “naughty joke” to an older couple last weekend, he got the boot. Lots of devoted lap-sitters are up in arms.

7. Son Paralyzed on TV: On a popular German reality TV show, Wetten Dass, Sam Koch was injured and paralyzed while he attempted to flip headfirst over moving cars. Devastatingly, Koch’s father was driving the car.

8. The FDA Considers Ways to Regulate Breastmilk Sharing: The practice (a great one), is risky and needs a bit of regulation, says the FDA.

9. Principal “Urkels” Kids for Wearing Baggy Pants: Had to mention this amazing story from Sandy, in which a middle school principal starts hiking up kids’ pants and fastening with zip ties as a consequence for too-bagginess. After 80 kids got the urkele, it worked.

10. Could Cellphones Hurt Your Baby? Ugh, we have the creeping suspicion that cell phones are bad for us, and worse for our kids. A UCLA epidemiology study gives us more reason to think we’re right about that.

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