News Roundup: This Week's Top 10 Parenting Stories

strollerderby, parenting news1. Mean girls have been around since homo erectus moved his family from the cave and someone laughed at his daughter’s hairy back. Still, something’s different about it now. A lot of people think girls are getting even meaner and at younger ages. Is it the influence of reality TV, saucy scripts for kids TV or bad role-modeling from mean girl moms? Naturally, experts blame the latter.

2. American women have long complained about a lack of support for breastfeeding, especially in the workplace. So we were a little baffled this week when new breastfeeding laws in Great Britain, requiring workplaces to provide private clean spaces where moms can pump, provoked outrage by some very prominent women. These economic experts and conservative leaders thought this would drive down the economy in already uncertain times.

3. That heirloom squash you’re eating? Might as well be a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. Food, you see, is the new class marker. Organic, fresh and a pain in the ass to get your hands on? That’s for the upper- and upper-middle-class. Boxed, on sale and available at the corner store? Might as well wear a white men’s tank top while you’re eating it. We looked at this new class divide and got a lot of readers defending how they eat — D&G-style food on super tight budgets.

4. Rickets! Cardiovascular disease! Diabetes! Depression! All of it because we and the kids aren’t getting enough Vitamin D. For the past two years, we’ve been told to get all the Vitamin D and calcium we can. A new study comes along and … scratch that: we’re all set with Vitamin D (for now …).

5. This week we kicked off Hanukkah … and a war on Christmas (though these two events are not related). In a holiday/motherly spirit, Paula asked the New York Times critic to lay off the fat jokes in his review of “The Nutcracker.” Hallelujah!

6. This week also kicked off another worldwide scandal thanks to WikiLeaks. While Interpol is looking for the whistle-blowing website’s founder, Julian Assange, and the U.S. attorney general is investigating those who might be responsible for sharing classified information, we picked out some of the life lessons kids could learn from the international incident.

7. Doctors in Canada voiced concern about women sharing breastmilk with a child other than their own. Another woman’s milk could be contaminated with HIV or other viruses. There are safety issues to consider when you get pick up breastmilk from Facebook. Still, breastmilk is in high demand and official milk banks are few and far between, Sierra argues.

8. Mothers of sons, look away. A new study claims beautiful couples are more likely to have girls than couples who are, how shall we put this, not that great to look at. It’s not that beautiful people can’t have boys — beautiful people can have anything they want. But plain folks hoping for a girl. Now that would be like winning the lottery.

9. Working parents can’t win anything. They feel 11 years older than stay at home parents and they’re causing friction with their childless peers at work. Child-free workers are again telling researchers that they think they have to pick up the slack for their co-workers who are off on maternity leave or suiting up to coach soccer practice.

10. Finally, a fond good-bye to what was once a staple of the baby mama’s pantry: white rice cereal. Doctors now say to cut this nutritionless carb from the first solids routine and instead give babies brown rice cereal or pureed vegetables, which contain vitamins and iron. The Farina box will look awfully nice next to other babyhood retirees, talcum powder and diaper pins.

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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