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Parenting Teens: A Whole New Set Of Fears

By CFagan |

images-32Fear of SIDS.  Autism. Learning disabilities. Anxiety is a constant throughout every phase of parenting.  Worries about sickness and freak accidents dominate parents’ lives when their kiddies are tiny.  But come the teen years, your child’s behavior can and will introduce a whole new set of nail biters.   Vicki Iovine, author of the Girlfriends’ Guides series, weighs in on what causes her the most angst in her upcoming book Girlfriends’ Guide To Teenagers:

1. That My Teen Will Die. There, I’ve said the unspeakable bogeyman. We rarely voice this terror, but it’s implied in our fears of drunk driving, drug use, reckless behavior and, of course, DEPRESSION–that could lead to a teen taking his or her own life.

2. That Someone, a Stranger or a Friend, Will Abuse My Teen

3. That My Teen Will Be a Party to an Unwanted Pregnancy

4. That My Teen Will Get Kicked Out of School and Have No Job Prospects

5. That My Teen Will Sincerely Believe that Oral Sex Is Not SEX

6. That My Teen Will Have an Eating Disorder–No Matter if it’s Obesity or Anorexia

7. That My Child Will Get a Sexually-Transmitted Disease That Sticks Around AFTER Antibiotics

8. That My Child Talks to Sexual Predators Online and Meets Up With Them

9. That My Child Really Means it When He/She Screams, “I HATE YOU!!”

Iovine sums it up nicely, but I’d add that the fear that my kid won’t be his own person and will always follow the crowd.

Anyone else?


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0 thoughts on “Parenting Teens: A Whole New Set Of Fears

  1. GimliGirl says:

    This author is way off base; obesity is NOT an eating disorder, and kids having oral sex wont get them pregnant (or most STDs) so in my eyes it’s preferable to penis-in-vagina sex. Obesity is mostly genetically inherited (moreso than breast cancer or heart disease) and cannot simply be controlled by portion sizes and excersize. If you’re meant to be fat, you will be, and really, what’s so bad about that? Not impressed.

  2. Sierra Black says:

    I worried about these things more *before* I had a real live teenager. What I worry about for my own teen: that he won’t get into the college of his choice, in spite of all his hard work; that he’ll be rootless because he’s moved around so much; that he’ll sleep till 2 p.m. every day this summer; that he’ll never get a driver’s license and I’ll be shuttling him around to his friend’s houses when he’s 25.

  3. PlumbLucky says:

    Um, I’ll give you that oral sex won’t get them pregnant, but exactly which STD’s are not transmitted via oral sex? (HIV/AIDS, syphillis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, warts all are. I couldn’t find one way or another on trich, that’s about the only one I can thing of that wouldn’t be but still nothing that definitively says “no it can’t be”)
    There is a genetic component to obesity, but there’s also plenty of evidence that it doesn’t “doom” one to obesity either (web md).

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