Parenting Websites Still Open For Business During SOPA Blackout

Wikipedia has blacked out its search results today to protest the SOPA bill.

Major internet websites may be going dark today to protest SOPA, an anti-piracy bill in Congress, but since the job of parenting never stops most parenting websites have remained open for business.

Websites like Babycenter, Parenting, Parents and, of course, Babble, are keeping the light on today.  So are many other websites with large female audiences like BlogHer, iVillage and Yahoo Shine.

The Stop SOPA movement is meant to send a message to congress not to pass the Stop Internet Piracy (SOPA) bill. As we told you last fall, opponents of SOPA believe it could potentially take down and even bankrupt services like Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook if even one user posts something that infringes on another’s copyright.  They encouraged all websites and blogs to black out their sites today in protest.  Those who support the bill have called today’s blackout a “silly gimmick”.

Reuters reports that not as many websites are protesting in the SOPA blackout as the bill’s opponents might have liked.  Only Wikipedia and Reddit are completely blacked out today.  Google is showing its support by placing a black “censorship” patch over its logo.  A story in the Washington Post indicated that the search engine Bing would black out its search results today, but after a quick check it looks as if it’s operating normally.  Other sites like Twitter, Facebook, eBay and Amazon are business as usual.


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