Parentlink: Do You Use It? And Should You?


Often there is a disconnect between school and home, one that should not exist. Parents should be in the loop on what’s happening with not just their child but the community as a whole.  Parentlink is there to fill that gap.

What is Parentlink?

Their website states that “ParentLink increases student achievement through communication. We link principals, teachers, parents, students and the community together through our web portal, email messaging, phone notifications, SMS text messaging, and printed letters.”

Their snow day calls for winter struck areas are a popular alert. But they’ll also let you know if your kid doesn’t show up to school, alert you to busing situations, and allow the school to have their calls translated into the students home language. Parentlink also claims  they can aid in identifying “at risk” students.

Parentlink’s popularity is growing and they say that can customize their program for every school size. But can all school afford another service in their already strapped budgets? Personally, I have not used the service, but it seems like a useful tool to bridge that school to home gap.

Does your school use Parentlink? What do you think of the service?

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