Parents Freak About 50 Cent Elementary School Show


50_cent_retouchedI first thought this sounded sweet: rapper 50 Cent is going to give a free concert to the kids in his neighborhood. Then I had to stop and wonder: how do you make a 50 Cent show family friendly?

Will he sing three words and leave?

That’s not what’s got parents’ panties in a bunch, though. They’re afraid “Fitty” will attract violence to their kids’ school, and they kind of have a point.

The Aug. 30 concert was supposed to be a surprise, but four words got out: “50 Cent concert” and “FREE.” Now a mob is expected, and parents don’t think the school can handle ten thousand-some people (no offense, but neither do I – I shot the Woodstock anniversary show on Saturday with fifteen thousand people and it took a huge crew to handle them . . . a huge crew that’s accustomed to handling concertgoers at a performing arts center).

Then throw in the violence that traditionally follows 50 around. The dude’s been shot nine times and is part of a well-documented beef with rapper Ja Rule . . . and we all know how well big fights between rappers end up.

Even the NYPD is worried, talking about an army of cops who will be dispatched to shut down a twenty-block area in Queens, while neighborhood kids are being quoted talking about expected shootings (and while I understand that might be part of daily life where they live, it’s still not pleasant to think of kids EXPECTING violence).

It’s nice to know big stars want to give back, and it’s sad that a “family day” at a public school has been taken from the children and made into a massive disaster by a bunch of adults. But shouldn’t the safety of the kids come first?

Image: Wikipedia