Parents Hiring Security Guards to Walk Kids Home from School


private-security-guardsThe message of this staged photo from the Daily Mail is clear: behind every rich private school girl there lurks a poor gansta boy just looking for his next victim. With pictures like this floating around, it’s no wonder that parents in middle and upper class suburbs are concerned about their daughters walking home alone.

In the London suburb of Hampstead, parents are increasingly relying on private security guards to make sure their teenage daughters get home from school safely. One security company reports that they walk three separate teen girls home from the bus every day.

Parents’ safety concerns appear valid, as Hampstead has recently been plagued with a spate of burglaries, mostly targeting women who are alone. But the solution that fearful parents are turning to is dangerously close to privatizing safety (not that that doesn’t already happen to some extent). If a neighborhood is having security risks, those risks need to be addressed by the police force, so that everyone is safer, not just people who can afford to be.

Would you ever hire a private security guard for your kids?

Photo: The Daily Mail