Parents In Da 'Hood: The Parent Rap (Video)

I used to bling it up, I used to dress real shrewd... Now I accessorize with food that's already been chewed.

Move over Hova. You ain’t the only rapping dad around and your gal Bey has some competition.

There’s a new game in town.

That’s right. I don’t think you’re ready for this (peanut butter and) jelly.

In keeping with the trend of parents rapping online, “The Parent Rap,” from Bluefish TV, is starting to get attention from the likes of the Huffington Post.

The video was uploaded to YouTube way back in May but is just now starting to make the Internet rounds.

“The Parent Rap” features a formerly fly mom and dad rocking the hizzle in the parent ‘hood.

With lyrics like:

“I’m dropping time outs like they’re hot,
potty training all my tots,
washing all the pans and pots,
tying little shoes in knots.”

Check it out below:

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