Parents Lose Kid for Withholding Sugar


kid-eating-chocolateIt sounds like rather good parenting to most people, but an English couple actually lost their child to social services for refusing to load him up on sugar.

Lisa and Paul Hessey told the Sun they spent four months in the courts trying to get son Zak back after he was taken for their refusal to feed him junk food.

Doctors had reportedly told the Hesseys to give Zak chocolate, cake and potato chips to increase his weight. This after Lisa took him in for a medical visit because she didn’t think he weighed enough. The two-year-old was about seventeen and a half pounds, when doctors said he should be closer to nineteen and a half. When she balked at the suggestion, the social workers were called in and took Zak off to foster care.

The hospital’s still saying it acted in the child’s best interest, but we’ve yet to find a reputable source that suggests the best way to feed your child is a diet of chocolate and chips. Even ultra skinny kids.

If anything the treats will generally fill a child up and prevent them eating the appropriate foods that will keep them growing.

Has your kid’s healthcare provider ever suggested junk food as a cure?

Image: pink sherbet via flickr

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