Parents Mad Kids Told "Radical, Leftist" Facts About Plastic Usage, Autism

i-pledge-videoImagine your kids walked into school tomorrow and watched a video on not using plastic bags at the grocery store or plastic bottles for their water. Would you A. Agree or B. Throw a hissy and call the media because the school was trying to brainwash your kids with “radical, leftist” propaganda?

If you guessed B., you apparently would fit right in with the folks at a Utah elementary school who are up in arms over their kids being shown the “I Pledge” video, in which celebs pledge to clean up the environment, find cures for Alzheimer’s and autism and other absurd notions.

The video was borne out of the Barack Obama campaign and has shown up a number of times since his election – beginning with a quote from the president about service followed by the likes of Courteney Cox Arquette, Demi Moore, P. Diddy, and others making pledges to make a difference in the world.

The “worst” offenses in the entire thing? Arrested Development’s Jason Batemen pledges to flush only after “making a deuce” – inferring that when it’s yellow he’ll let it mellow. Another actor (whose name is escaping me at this moment) says he will refrain in the future from giving people the finger when he’s driving.

OK, that’s the WORST of it, folks. And considering how many times I’ve driven down the highway and my not-yet-school-age daughter has seen children on buses give us the finger, I’m really going to say those are pretty darn negligible. And calling it a deuce? Not what we say in our house, but I’ve heard it from other kids – along with “a twosie” or just a plain old “two.”

Ironically, among the pledges was Jenna Elfman holding a child and promising to “always find the humor in everyting.”

But it wasn’t the goofy code name for poop that has the president of the conservative Utah Eagle Forum hooting and hollering. He’s mad anyone would even infer kids shouldn’t flush. And not use plastic bottles? That’s fodder for “a one-sided propaganda piece.”

One parent went so far as to tell the Salt-Lake Tribune, “They shouldn’t be troubling our youth with the woes of the world and making them feel like we’re in slavery or they have to worry about how many times they flush the toilet or if they have a plastic water bottle.”

Aha! It’s the “let’s not tell our kids anything because maybe all that naughty science stuff will all go away” approach. I love it!

There are a few other complaints – among them that the people pledge to be of service to Barack Obama (he is president you know, guys) and a joke from Anthony Kiedis that he pledges allegiance to the funk, to the united funk of funkadelica (imagine, someone being silly in a video that a child sees).

The only thing remotely political, another big complaint by the folks at Eagle Bay Elementary School, is a few second blip when Eva Mendes says “to advance stem cell research.” I’m admittedly pro, but I can admit that one walks a sticky line and perhaps could have been edited out. But using the parents’ logic that kids shouldn’t be worrying plastic bottles, what are they doing talking to their kids about stem cell research? Kids see plastic bottles and grocery bags on a regular basis, but would a first grader encounter that in any setting beside one in which the parent brings it up?

In case you DON’T think this should be hidden away from your kids, here you go:

Now, was that so bad?

Article Posted 7 years Ago
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