Parents Marry at Son's Funeral


asa-hillAnd the winner for worst wedding anniversary goes to . . . the parents of a seven-year-old who died in a car crash last week. They decided to celebrate his life by getting marrried – at his funeral.

Being a glass half empty kind of girl, my first thought was the parents must be sick and twisted. But their reasoning is pretty sweet – Asa always wanted Mommy and Daddy to be married.

So Amilcar Hill and Rahwa Ghirmatzion surprised all the mourners at the Buffalo service on Friday morning by announcing  near the end of the two-hours service that they weren’t just there to mourn Asa. They were getting hitched.

Ghirmatzion told the Buffalo News:Asa always wanted us to get married. He’d say, “When are you guys going to get married? How come you’re not getting married?’ And we’d say, “We were waiting for you to be part of it.’ That’s why it’s so fitting.”

If you read that and didn’t get a bit ferklempt, get thee to a hospital, stat. It’s hard to find fault with these parents – as creepy as the concept might be from the outside. It sounds like they realized with his death that they’d wasted enough time. Standing inside their grief, to them, this is the best option.

The cause of their son’s death – a fiery six-car crash – is still under investigation. His organs have been harvested and donated because his parents wanted to provide life for other children.

Would you make this decision?

Image: Buffalo News

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