Parents More Likely to Be Overweight and More


A new report says that parents of kids under 18 are less likely to exercise and more likely to be overweight or obese.  Has parenthood had an effect on your waistline? — Yahoo! News

Latest on the whooping cough epidemic in California:  Cases are set to reach a 50 year high, and some doctors are blaming the outbreak on unvaccinated kids.

Preschoolers hit, and push, and occasionally even bite.  Where do parents and teachers draw the line?  What happens when parents and teachers don’t agree about what constitutes physical aggression?  Neela Banerjee explores this topic at DoubleX.

Parents, as a rule, can’t stand getting unsolicited advice from strangers — but what if it can help you through a rough patch?  Here’s a great way to get and give advice today without pressure:  Check out Momversation’s post on favorite pieces of parenting advice.

Pregnancy can be hard on your hips and back.  If you’re looking for a good pregnancy stretch, LilSugar has some suggestions.  As always, talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

Photo: Kyle May, Flickr

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