Parents Sue After Their Daughter is Kicked Out of Camp For Kissing a Boy


iStock_000014067878XSmallIt started as something sweet. A boy at camp likes a girl. A girl at camp likes a boy. And then sparks fly. The relationship progressed and the two young campers kiss. Next thing you know both of the kids are kicked out and now the girl’s parents have decided to sue the camp.

The situation went from lingering lips to lawsuits. It “became the summer romance that most teens yearn for,” the lawsuit said but then it quickly unraveled into chaos.

After the fifteen-year-old girl and the boy kissed at Camp Emerson in Hinsdale, Massachusetts, according to reports, a uniformed police officer escorted her out of camp and did not let her say goodbye to friends or staff. And, allegedly, the camp has not refunded the $6,450 fee for the four-week camp.  The experience has apparently also had a deep affect on the girl (named Jane in the lawsuit).

“This summer romance made plaintiff Jane, a child of divorced parents who suffers from anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and treats with a psychiatrist and medications, and who always felt insecure and inferior to her peers, feel confident and beautiful for the very first time in her life,” the lawsuit said.

What do the parents want in return? According to the Huffington Post they are looking for, “$600,000 in damages, alleging negligent infliction of emotional distress, defamation and other claims.” Wow, that’s one expensive kiss.

Do you think the camp overreacted? Especially since it was reported that there is nothing in the camp handbook that bans kissing.

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