Parents' Touch Saves Baby's Life


emily-ashurstPete Vincent and Emily Ashurst had to make the difficult decision to take their six-week-old daughter Grace off life support. The newborn was suffering from late onset Group B-strep meningitis, which she contracted from her mother at birth.

Grace had been on life support and doctors gave her a 1-percent chance of survival.  Her parents made the decision to let her die peacefully.

The baby was removed from the machine and her parents took turns holding her. Grace stopped breathing, as doctors had predicted she would, but then would start up again. And then stop. And then start. Over the course of six hours. It became clear that Grace was not going to die.

In the weeks following, her temperature, blood pressure and heart rate stablized and returned to normal. She has lost her sight, but doctors aren’t sure (this time!) that it’s permanent.


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