Best Parenting Moments Caught on Camera

  • Babys first Halloween costume? 1 of 11
    This pregnant mom takes belly art to a whole new level.
  • Did you hear that? 2 of 11
    Eight-month-old Jonathan hears his mother’s voice for the first time after receiving a cochlear implant — we dare you not to smile.
  • Parenting Fail: Toddler Drinks from Toilet 3 of 11
    Just think how confused he’ll be when it comes time for potty training…
  • What if your toddler could read to you? 4 of 11
    Yes, a 17-month-old girl read on the Today Show. We’re not kidding. You have to see it to believe it.
  • The next Food Network stars? 5 of 11
    This video is filled with things we can’t resist: funny parent/kid interaction, great recipes, and adorable accents.
  • Dad on Diaper Duty 6 of 11
    These men show their kids that nothing is too tough for a dad…as long as there’s a gas mask nearby, that is.
  • Hes a Bears Fan, No Matter What Dad Says 7 of 11
    These parents taught their son the makings of a good marriage — love, communication, and a healthy sports rivalry.
  • Baby Eats a Lemon 8 of 11
    This baby is a little glutton for punishment (though her mom’s encouragement probably doesn't help).
  • Can’t Blame Her. Golf is pretty funny. 9 of 11
    Something about Wii golf is pretty darn hilarious to this tot. Maybe her dad hit one into the bunker!
  • 6-year-old Piano Prodigy 10 of 11
    This little girl has already played the White House and composes most of her own music — and she’s only six. Yes. Six. We’d like to take a page out of that parenting manual.
  • Best Parenting Moments Caught on Camera 11 of 11
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