Would You Go to a Breastfeeding Party?


breastfeedingIt’s World Breastfeeding Week, which means it’s time to party! It’s BYOB, but in this case, the final “B” stands for Boobz. Seriously.

Bettina Forbes, co-founder of Best for Babes, which came up with the idea for BYOBoobz parties, told AOL News that the group was “interested in doing something non-judgmental, something fun, something party-style. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re giving breast-feeding a makeover.”

The idea of Best of Babes is to promote breast-feeding without guilt. Their Facebook page reads, “Giving Breastfeeding a Makeover and Beating the Booby Traps so all moms can make feeding decisions without pressure, judgment or guilt, and achieve their personal breastfeeding goals, whether for two days, two months, or two years or beyond!”

It’s a terrific sentiment – especially when so many moms who want to breastfeed don’t get enough support from friends, family, or their workplace. Forbes is hoping that nursing parties will help women who are struggling with breastfeeding and could use some support. It’s also a good way to make new mom friends and to make nursing a less isolating experience.

The first BYOBoobz party is scheduled for Sept. 29 in New York at Deva Spa in SoHo (where, coincidentally, I get my hair done!). Best of Babes will make home kits available for women so they can host their own BYOBoobz parties around the country.

Would you be interested in going to a nursing party?

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