Pat Robertson: Married Women Have Abortions to Have a Level Playing Field With Lesbians? Huh?

Pat Robertson Crazy Comments

Give someone a pulpit and they have the opportunity to  rant, rave and say some pretty wackadoodle statements.  And TV evangelist and 700 Club host Pat Robertson did just that when he used his platform to make some bizarre statements this week.

The 81-year-old preacher made the claim that he believed that ‘the left’ have opted to support abortions saying “they want to do this, they want to destroy,” in order to…get this…make straight women more like lesbians. Huh?

Yes, it makes no sense to me either. His argument goes something like this. He is under the belief that liberals are all for abortions in a way to ‘pander to gay women’ who “can’t have children.” He said that something to the extent that married women didn’t want lesbians to feel guilt about their “deficiency” so these women terminated their pregnancies so there would be a “level playing field”.

Didn’t he see The Kids Are Alright? Doesn’t he know who Rosie O’Donnell, Melissa Etheridge, or Sara Gilbert are? All proud lesbian parents.  And his statements are causing, understandably, an uproar. The lesbian blogger Cynthia Wright wrote, “How does that even make sense? Lesbians do have children… the babies are planned and are wanted. We are not denied childbirth the only thing we are denied is the ability to accidentally get pregnant.” Good point!

How would Pat Roberton ever come to that conclusion? Has anyone heard of a married ‘straight’ woman having an abortion to level the playing field with the lesbian community? Didn’t think so.

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