Paterno Fired, At Least Some Students Get the Protesting Right (VIDEO)

AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

There seems to be some confusion.  Students rioted at Penn State.  And some have picked the wrong side.  They protested the firing of legendary coach, Joe Paterno.  Not the loss of the innocence of children.

Did I miss something?  A respected adult has KNOWLEDGE about young boys being molested and does next-to-nothing to stop it.  Now, years later, there are finally consequences.  Someone is finally standing up for the victims, who…again, were CHILDREN…. and people are protesting?

Ahhh…. but relief… some students, like these here, DO get it and instead of wanting to yell, “where are your parents??” I find myself wanting to send their parents a note of congratulations — as these are the young adults I hope my children will emulate.

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