Pay the Sitter on your iPhone


iphoneIt was only a matter of time in our online society before you didn’t have to do the awkward “wait, do I have any cash left?” search through the wallet to pay the sitter.

Pretty soon, you can pay her on your iPhone.

In what seems to be an attempt to finally become profitable, Twitter is branching out into the electronic card swipers you use at the grocery store. Only they’ve gone mini, creating swipers that can be connected right to the iPhone so you can skip cash entirely and ensure everyone (at least everyone with an iPhone) accepts plastic.

Because who hasn’t wondered when they could earn reward points on their night out on the town? This could be the ticket for folks who don’t like to carry cash but likewise don’t want to leave a wad lying around while there’s a teenager at your house. But will this mean the IRS starts tracking teens’  babysitting earnings?

Image: Amazon

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