Paypal is a Big Scrooge: Shuts Down Regretsy's Secret Santa Toy Drive and Profits Off the Fees

Paypal has really done it now, making money off the Christmas toy drive they shut down.

Oh, you better watch out, Paypal. You’re sure to find a lump of coal in your stocking this year.

Paypal is making refund all the donations from their Secret Santa toy drive while they keep the original fees and additional fees charged with each refund.



After owner April Winchell announced on her site that they’d like to send letters from Santa and toys to kids in need, the donations rolled in from readers. They came up with a list of 200 children and purchased the toys on their Christmas lists with the raised funds. The plan was to give any extra money raised to the kids’ parents as well. The giant gift exchange was a smashing success until Paypal shut it down because Winchell had used the wrong kind of button. She’d opted to use the Donate button instead of Buy Now.

She then tried to sell the toys since they’d already been purchased, to be sent directly to the child, but Paypal shut that down and froze all of her accounts. Now she can’t even send the extra money raised to the families in need. And Winchell’s correspondence with Paypal customer service? You’ll just have to see that to believe it for your self.

Winchell, who writes as Helen Killer on her site, gives the recap of Paypal’s atrocious behavior:

They allowed me to use a donate button, and got a portion of the donations
Then made me return the donations, and kept a portion of the fees on the donations
They allowed me to use a Buy Now button to sell gifts individually, and got a portion of those sales
Then made me return the sales, and kept a portion of the fees on the sales
They processed the toy purchases, and made fees on that

I really hope that Paypal makes good on this situation. So absolutely nauseating and disappointing.

ED: Paypal has posted a Regretsy Issue Resolution on their blog today. Regretsy updated an encouraging note about it as well. We shall see how this unfolds…

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