Pediacare Recalled, Co-Parenting, and More


If you’ve done it, you’ve learned not to do it again.  When you ask an acquaintance when she is due/if she is expecting and she’s not, the silence that follows is deafening.  This is why I never ask unless I’m 1oo percent sure.  Has it ever happened to you? — LilSugar

Well, here’s some alarming news:  17 percent of teens say they use (only) the rhythm method for birth control.  That might at least partially explain why teen pregnancy is no longer on the decline. — Jezebel

Four types of Pediacare have been recalled, an extension of the recall on McNeil Consumer Healthcare Products including Children’s Tylenol, Motrin, and Zyrtec. — New Parent

Co-parenting is tricky enough, but what do you do when your ex doesn’t parent the same way you do?  Here are six tips for coping when you and your ex-spouse have different parenting styles. — MommaSaid

Feeling guilty about the time you spend each day on Facebook?  Don’t — it’s good for your health!  That’s what they’re saying over at The Stir, anyway.  See if you agree.

Photo:  SuhelSheikh on Flickr