Pedophile's Guide Author Appeared in Florida Court Today

Phillip Greaves appeared in court today.

The Huffington Post reported this afternoon that Phillip Greaves, author of The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure, is being charged with violating Florida’s obscenity law, “a third-degree felony that could land him in prison for five years.”

John noted on Monday that Polk County, Florida officials had arrested Greaves in his Pueblo, CO home.  He wrote, “Polk Sheriff Grady Judd said that his officers were able to arrest the author on obscenity charges because Greaves had sold and mailed his book to them in Florida,” adding, “He was kind enough to sign it for them.”

Greaves has been assigned a court-appointed public defender, Francis Solorzano, who asked Judge John Kirkland to drop the case.  Solorzano stressed that “There are no images in the book,” arguing that “Any finding of probable cause would tend to have a chilling effect on free speech.”  Kirland told Solorzano “the judge who signed the arrest warrant had already found probable cause and he could not override that decision,” according to HuffPo.

Judd, who was “incensed when he heard about the book” recounts that it includes “first-person descriptions of sexual encounters, purportedly written from a child’s point of view.”  I hope Greaves didn’t autograph Judd’s copy in crayon.

Source: Huffington Post