People FAIL: There's Nothing Remotely Funny About This Photo of a Baby Doing a Keg Stand

Big thumbs down to ASU

It’s quite possible that the photo is a joke. When you see it, you desperately hope it is. But even if it is fake, it’s really not funny.

Maybe you think those inappropriate baby onesies are hilariously cheeky. Maybe you think little girls taking classes on stripper pole classes is perfectly appropriate.

Still, it’s hard to imagine you’d find the image of a baby doing a keg stand even mildly amusing. Some kids at Arizona State University apparently did. Campus police, however, are not laughing. In fact, they’re investigating whether the photo is real or doctored. Here’s hoping it’s doctored, and whoever did it still gets in trouble for being so disturbed.

Take a look at the awful photo:

baby keg stand

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