Perfumes for Babies? Sacrilegious or Scent-sational?

Burberry Perfume for Babies?

There was one smell that I always thought was universally loved, the scent of a baby. I have witnessed many an infant lovin’ adult take hold of a little one, take a big whiff and smile in olfactory ecstasy.  But it turns out that the new baby smell and the odor of a child is not for everyone. Some scent loving parents out there would rather mask their aroma and douse their offspring with hints of Mandarin-Orange, bergamot and Vanilla Milk Moss.

There are the “play” perfumes a la Princess Jasmine or Dora the Explorer. But those are mostly for kids wanting to play “grown-up”, those kids who begged and pleaded for their own perfume just like mommy’s. Then there are the perfumes marketed not to the kids but for the parents. Perfumes for babies.

For example, Burberry has a gentle ‘eau de toilet’ called Baby Touch which will make your baby smell like hints of  “Mandarin-Orange, Rhubarb-Jelly, Verbena, Wild-Spearmint, Jasmine, Orange-Blossom, Lily-of-the-Valley, Cyclamen and Vanilla Milk Moss,” (retails for $29.99).  Or there is the Tous Baby Eau de Cologne (retails for $48) which is a “charmingly innocent fragrance opens with fresh mandarin orange, neroli, and bergamot accompanied by a delicate heart of orange blossom, apple, pear and rose.” And if one is crazy enough to spend $220 on perfume for their baby there is the Ambrette 9 Bebe.

And besides these big designer fragrances there is the Johnson’s Baby Cologne that is a “gentle, fresh fragrance with a pleasant combination of floral and citrus hints to leave your baby smelling clean and fresh.” A more sensible scent choice at $5.58.

Would you ever put perfume on your baby or let your little girl wear non-play time perfume? Or are they sweet smelling enough? And does putting perfume on a baby just seem like a  sacrilegious act of scent cover up?

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