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PETA Takes Aim at Babymaking Duggars

By jeannesager |

peta-duggarsFresh off their Obama family scandal, animal lovers PETA have a new target – those babymaking Duggars.

In an effort to encourage spaying and neutering your pets (where is Bob Barker?), PETA has proposed a billboard that will read “Doggies Multiply Faster Than Duggars.”

Sounds awfully snarky to us, but PETA’s official blog says they have no problem with the ever-growing family. Says the PETA statement, “We say, as long as Jim Bob and Michelle are able to keep a roof over their family’s head and modern-modest clothes on their backs, there’s a far more important reproductive issue at hand.”

Well, in that case, how about substituting the word Duggars with rabbits and leave the parents of a premie out of it? Of course they wouldn’t get the same amount of press, not to mention cashing in on the upcoming introduction of new Duggar babe Josie Brooklyn to the world next week.

And as Strollerderby’s resident crazy cat (and dog) lady, they’ve got a point with these numbers: “One unspayed female cat and her offspring can create a whopping 420,000 cats in just seven years, and one unneutered male dog can father nearly limitless litters.”

But here’s a hint PETA, you may not want to compare Michelle Duggar to a b–ch. What do you think – low blow or on the  money?

Image: PETA

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31 thoughts on “PETA Takes Aim at Babymaking Duggars

  1. Carrie M. says:

    This billboard just seems really rude to me.Maybe if they had asked the Duggars and they said it was ok……

  2. jenny tries too hard says:

    Meh…PETA seems to like offending people, it gets them attention. This one probably upsets both the Duggars and the people who feel a need to endlessly post comments causing for their forcible sterilization, so I’d say they’ll achieve their goal.

  3. Becks says:

    I think celebrities need to accept that if they put their lives out on public display (and reap the financial benefits of it), then they’re inevitably going to be referenced or discussed in manners of which they disapprove. It’s the price they pay for the choices they make.

  4. Amanda says:

    PETA is a ridiculous, attention-seeking, extremist organization. Don’t forget that their founder, Ingrid Newkirk said, “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.”

  5. jenny tries too hard says:

    er, calling for, not causing for…

  6. Allison says:

    Something tells me the Duggars could care less about PETA and their ridiculous billboard.

  7. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    PETA mentions always put me in the mood for steak.

  8. Diane says:

    It’s in such poor taste. But I guess that’s what gets PETA press.

  9. Kerry says:

    Comments The Duggars are famous for just that… multiplying. I think it’s kind of funny.

  10. Jenny says:

    Stay classy, PETA!

  11. Lucky says:

    That’s just tasteless. I suppose you can’t expect much more from PETA.

  12. Emma says:

    Wow, what a selfish and disrespectful business. This should be illegal. Michelle is a wonderful mother. PETA needs to grow up and be mature. How pathetic.

  13. Isabella says:

    What is tasteless is having 18 kids, a preemie who cannot survive without major medical help, and the Duggars won’t stop until Michelle’s uterus makes a break for it, or she, GOD Forbid, DIES.

  14. Elisabeth says:

    How is it “tasteless” to have 18 healthy, happy, well-educated children who take time to do volunteer work, take no money from the government in form of any type of financial assistance (not even public education dollars since they homeschool)? What is “tasteless” about having a medical complication occur that was completely unpredictable and therefore having a premature baby? I’m an RN who works pediatrics and NICU. It’s “tasteless” for these babies to be born premature? It’s “tasteless” for their mothers to have medical problems?

    Wow, I guess you would consider MY mother tasteless then… as I was a NICU baby who now devotes my life to caring for sick and injured children. Yup… totally tasteless.

  15. ChiLaura says:

    Huzzah, Elisabeth!

  16. Kate says:

    Go PETA – these people only have celebrity because they’ve multiplied like…rabbits. They wouldn’t be on TV for any other reason than their enormous brood. So great comparison, and if it gets people thinking, why not? The environmental lobby should take on the Duggars – one family pumping out this many consumers and producers of waste is irresponsible!

  17. Jess says:

    What makes it “tasteless” is that though the Duggar children do have a lifestyle that does not meet the standards of physical neglect, it is ridiculous to imply that those 19 children receive anywhere near the amount of attention from their parents that kids require. If you have watched the show, the parents admit that they have to use a “buddy system” which consists of the older kids pair up to take care of a younger sibling. Now, I’m all for kids assisting in household chores and activities but when you have so many children that you are forced to pawn them off to your older offspring to raise, you have an issue. Also, the reason why the Duggars are no longer in debt is because they have exploited the oddity of their family size on national television, much like Jon and Kate Gosselin (and here and I’m not implying they will travel down the same road of tragic narcissism and selfishness as this other TLC backed family) in order to rake in enough money to support their 19 children. This is particularly odd considering they don’t allow their own family to watch hardly any television and therefore makes their reality TV debut seem like something they would consider as a last financial resort.

  18. T says:

    Jess – If you would have done just a tad bit of research before making your post you would sound so much better. The Duggar family made the decision to become debt-free when their oldest children were tiny. They were well out of debt before even becoming an enormous family. The TV show isn’t about finances for them. Their bills are paid for by their investment income. Jim Bob owns commercial property that he rents out and it pays all of their bills. They aren’t going nuts shopping now that they receive a handsome sum of money from TLC. They still shop at the thrift store for everything! The TV show, they feel, is to witness their Christian faith to others. They feel they are living out the great commission by showing the world a Christian family. Maybe God gave them so many children as a way to get a TV show and witness to others in need of a Saviour.

  19. Kel says:

    Wow T, did the Duggers and TLC offer you cookies to eat when you drank that koolaid? The PETA ad is meant to bring attention to their issue, and they are using something in pop culture to do it. If you are a celebrity in this culture, ridicule and cheap shots are par for the course. It is even more excusable if you are a created celebrity on a reality TV show. They bring it upon themselves. As for the Duggers, I would hardly judge heavily edited web bios and friendly interviews on the web, not to mention the incredibly edited, often staged nature of a reality tv show as truth. I can’t speak to their finances, and neither can you, unless you are their personal accountant. Maybe they shop at thrift stores, but they have a nice, new, huge hotel – I mean house – they live in. They also have a huge brood of kids that become pseudo-parents before they grow up. Irresponsible and sad. I also think the quiverfull movement is one of the more disgusting affronts to women I’ve seen in a long time.

  20. Kim says:

    Comments I think this logo ad is very demeaning !I know the Duggar Family very well and they are such a beautiful picture of what a Christan couple and family are to be, I do not support the PETA ad in the way they compare dogs to a family. Now I do support the idea of pet owners being respondable for the pets in that they see that they get the proper vare needed. I hate to see pets put to sleep due to they can not find a good home for them, so I agree that something needs to be done about that. I think this ad should not be posted . I think that PETA could come up with a better ad that is not so demending , Thank You .

  21. elisabeth says:

    it is funny, the dugars put themselves up for display and speculatin. they pay no taxes, they are disgraceful and disgusting, especially pretendeing to be christians

  22. shelly says:

    Well I think if the Duggars want 25 kids it is their business. But if you can raise that many children and keep them all happy you must be able to maintain a sense of humor. So were is everyone elses??

  23. Katherine says:

    PETA people don’t have enough to do, obviously. They are mean-spirited in comparing dogs and cats to babies, or just stupid.

  24. Sherry Mowdy says:

    Comments PETA’s ethics are in question when they subject the Duggar children to humiliation and ridicule. The children’s feelings are as important as a puppy’s feelings. PETA exploited the Duggars in a very unethical and hurtful manner. The ad is not effective. The Duggars are a remarkable family. No family deserves such a hateful campaign. PETA has no personal human ethics. I will never support PETA in any way again. How dare they humiliate those children in this manner.

  25. Terri says:

    This planet is already overpopulated. No couple needs to have 19 children. The Duggars are extremely selfish people. I’m not a fan of Peta, but in this case, I think their billboard is spot on.

  26. abby says:

    The Duggars are selfish.They are having kids for there older girls to raise.These poor kids are given used clothes,used as salves,given a poor education,and have had there childhood taken away so there parents can keep the spot light on them shelf by having kid after kid.They couldn’t even let Josh and Anna have a moment in the sun after there wedding or there own child’s birth.Without having to have one of there own to take away there 15 minutes of fame.The Duggars baby is in the hospital and all they can talk about is they can’t wait to have baby 20.Having more kids is the last thing they should be thinking about right now.Shame on you Duggars stop having children.

  27. Flanna says:

    I may not support PETA, but I do support animal rights (I just go for a less extremist way to make my point) but they do have a point here. Not only do animals need to be spay and neutered so do they!

  28. Sarah and Family says:

    Comments Animals are not people. People are gifts from God. The Duggars lost their first child to miscarriage and decided to have as many beautiful children as they were able to. This has been the decision for thousands of years. That is why you are here. You cannot stop societies and the laws of nature from happening. Also, the cycle of renewal and destruction are inevitable. Animals are not people and people are not animals. We have the ability to reason and we have a spirit!!!!

  29. Arielle says:

    I’m not a fan of PETA, but I support their ad. Why the hell should I care if the Duggars are insulted? Michelle and Jim chose to become celebrities in such a selfish way, so they can pay for their actions by being made an example of. If the Duggars adopted instead of continually popped out babies, they wouldn’t be ridiculed. Seriously, what kind of parents hand over their kids for the older kids to be taken care of? I would hate to have to grow up being a fill-in parent as a kid!

  30. Kar says:

    I hate PETA and the Duggars, both put on a fake face on TV – now I don’t know about the Duggars – but for PETA they are disgusting! I would never support them got give them my time of day. Even though in this ad they are spot on. How disrespectful is it to expose a family without their rights. They have done this to Tiger Woods also. PETA needs to be shut down now!

  31. J Hamilton says:

    The Dugger’s are not pro-family. In fact, they are irresponsible people. The Bible has provided the human-right to decide the size of our family which meets the ability to support them both emotionally and financially. No child should have their childhood taken away from them because their parents bring child after child into the world and put the burden and care on the older children. The truth is that continually being pregnant serves the mother…. what father would dare to divorce her and she doesn’t have to do the responsibility of motherhood because… well, my gosh, “I’m pregnant!”

    What selfish people….their choices have nothing to do with the claim of being Christians. Their choices are not biblical teachings.

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