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Amazon Removes All Books by Pedophile's Guide Author and Related Content

By carolyncastiglia |

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Amazon has removed The Pedophile's Guide and all similar content.

Retail giant Amazon stopped selling The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure last week, but as late as Friday the company was continuing to offer other books promoting child molestation.  As Paula noted in her most recent post on the subject, “Phillip Greaves, the author of The Pedophile’s Guide, has other books for sale on Amazon, including Our Gardens of Flesh: From the seeds of lust to the harvest of love, which looks to be equally repulsive.  There’s also Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers, a 2002 paperback which seems to promote pedophilia and prompted earlier calls for a boycott.”

As of this writing, all of the aforementioned books have been pulled from Amazon’s site.  However, that’s not the end of the story for Pedophile’s Guide author Greaves, who is undergoing investigation by Colorado police.  Officials believe Greaves has never committed an act of child molestation, but the suspect’s thoughts on the subject are disturbing nonetheless.  Greaves told police he wrote his Pedophile’s Guide “to establish guidelines so that people would behave in a manner that is non-injurious to each other, for one, and, for two, to communicate the fact that these people who are so different in maturation, etc., that when they develop relationships, they use certain principles that regular people, adults, would be well to attend,” ABC News reports.

Greaves claims he’s not encouraging adults to engage in relationships with children, but he did point to Mary Kay Letourneau, the Washington state teacher who at age 34 had an affair with a 12-year-old student, as evidence that it is possible “to have a loving, sexual relationship with a child.”  Greaves admits to having a bit of a troubled sexual history himself, saying, “The only personal perspective (the Pedophile’s Guide) was written from was that I was introduced to sex at the age of 7 by a 10-year-old girl.  It was oral sex.  And I carried on through that, having that kind of sex with children until I was about 15. … And everybody involved enjoyed it.”

Threats of a boycott have clearly been effective in getting Amazon to remove these offensive works, but as Audrey Holden, a mother who co-founded a Facebook group supporting the boycott, says, “Unless they come out and make a statement explaining the contradictions, it’s only a half-victory.”  Amazon has yet to make a public statement concerning the sale of this objectionable content, and has instead simply removed the offending material from their site without any fanfare.  Concerned parents, on the other hand, have been making lots of noise about their displeasure with Amazon, including posting on various Facebook groups that if a patron chooses to close their Amazon account, Amazon is telling them they can “NEVER have another one.”  Parents were also told “that accounts with retailers selling through them, such as Target, would also be closed.”  One mother wrote, “Do you REALLY want to lose your on line shopping privileges with these retailers, I was asked?  Yep, sure do, was my response.”

Amazon’s stock fell over 3% today, which according to Reuters is due to concerns about rivals’ free shipping.  I’m not so convinced.  I sense that the company will continue to be embattled unless and until they make some kind of public statement about their decision to sell, and then remove, such reprehensible texts.

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21 thoughts on “Amazon Removes All Books by Pedophile's Guide Author and Related Content

  1. Rosana says:

    I would like to acquire a hardcover copy of those books so on the next signing I can beat the crap out of this sick bastard with them.

  2. paulabernstein says:

    And now PETA is calling for a boycott of Amazon until they pull their books on dog-fighting. When does it end?

  3. carolyncastiglia says:

    I saw that. I’m not surprised. Consumers have so much more power than they realize. That’s why Wal*Mart is going organic.

  4. Long-Time Amazon Customer says:

    I learned today from Customer Service that Amazon has established a brand new department to deal with content concerns. Fittingly enough, it’s called the Content Department.

  5. carolyncastiglia says:

    Thanks for that info, LTAC. I’ll check into it.

  6. Mistress_Scorpio says:

    Imma go ahead and bet the stock price falling had more to do with the holiday shipping competition. Amazon sells a lot more than just books. Might be pretty to think all the mommies and daddies wielded the power of their outrage hammers, but I doubt it. I don’t care if they make such a statement and seriously people… which is more important, the action of no longer selling the book or the subsequent groveling?

  7. AmazonCustomerNoLonger says:

    Here is where most people are getting it all wrong… Saying we’ll not shop at Amazon until this trash is removed… No, realize that they may have removed it, but, they would still sell it if they could get away with it… Therefore the proper reaction is to NEVER buy from Amazon again, period.

  8. Stay-At-Home-Dad says:

    I’ve been following this since the beginning, and it’s insulting that the only statement Amazon has made was one defending the book. On top of that, similar books are still available – go to Amazon, and type “boylove” (one word) in the search box. You’ll be surprised (and disgusted) what’s still out there.

  9. jbiv says:

    No matter if they respond or not, I will never shop, nor will many people I know shop with Amazon or it’s online affiliates again. Just giving a well thought out apology will not do the trick here, sorry. The stand they took was inexcusable to begin with. Yes they removed it and others like it, but that doesn’t mean that won’t put it right back up afterwards. I will never purchase from them again. That is my personal stance.

  10. momma_shea says:

    Also in my opinion you should know this latest round started because of one book found, but upon research the Amazon Company has a long past with this kind of stuff. They have “how to” books for a lot of illegal acts such as bomb making and dog and cock fighting. Anyone can go on there and type in search words and find things on there that support illegal acts and teach illegal acts. It is astounding. They would still be selling certain items had this not came to light. I myself received the same generic letter upon complaint with them defending the sell of this 1 particular book. It was not till their stocks started falling and thousands of emails poured in and the media picked up on this that they finally pulled the book and at first that was all they pulled. Seriously I have issues with trusting a company who chooses bottom dollar over morals and that is my opinion. We all know people have the right to write what they want and companies can sell and not sell what they want. If Amazon chose to not censor the content of what was sold then the backlash they receive is deserving. It is not about boycotting Amazon till the one book was removed. It is about putting standards in place that all must conform to and writing policies to which they themselves abide by. Amazon will never receive my business again and people should research them and search them out before using them. Personally I will not use them.

  11. Gabby says:

    Amazon has not removed material that supports crimes against children! There is still many Pro-Pedophilia books available on their site! Here is just a SAMPLE of what is currently available: index.html? ie=UTF8&sellerID=A2GRNAFOV4VM2R&sortBy=StartDateDe sc&page=1

  12. Gabby says:

    If you purchase from Amazon you fund their ability to sell material that promotes crimes against children-PERIOD!

  13. LJ says:

    Comments Amazon is currently selling what is equivelent to Pedophile Erotica…books designed to stimulate, normalize and validify Pedophilia. The refusal or delay to remove such materials from their website is a silent endorsement of the violation of children. The only purpose those materials offer is to encourage and stimulate pedophiles…there is NO other reason to purchase those books. It woudl have been honorable of Amazon to step up to the plate and offer the removal, but they have not. As concerned parents, we are forced to call Amazons Customer Service Department to file a complaint, and in return we are told that “Amazon offers a wide variety of materials for everyone”. Amazon has failed and continues to fail to do the right thing.

  14. rachel a. says:

    For those that think this is only about “removing a book”.. you need to go educate yourselves! It is a MUCH bigger adn SICKER picture than that. How many people KNOW what NAMBLA means? stands for? what their goal is: “to DECRIMININALIZE Sex with a child” and have it viewed as a “sexual PREFERENCE”. The FACT that Amazon KNOWINGLY gave them Carte blanche room to do this.. is reason enough to SHUT down AMAZON. To add insult to injury.. they REFUSE to APOLOGIZE to the kids (and families)who have been hurt, raped and murdered. SEVEN years ago.. Amazon published a paedophile journal where it stated how to “rape and escape”.. TWO paedophiles read it.. and kidnapped Jeffrey Culper. He fought them! They gagged him with gaseoline and died and they did as the guide showed them and RAPED his CORPSE!! Amazon went to court and GOT OFF. YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD HAVE FELT REMORSE AND MADE CHANGES from BACK THEN as to OPENLY selling paedophilia and guides on “how to rape a child lovingly?” This is a COURT documented FACT. Please read:
    Amazon clearly DOES NOT CARE. Not only from little Jeffrey’s story where they PROVIDED the material and guide…to murder him. But I hope that all who read this article and support Amazon – YOUR child won’t end up like poor little Jeffrey! (AND thousand others!)

  15. Jo says:

    To me there is a bigger issue here than just “removing the book” It is making Amazon Accountable for their own company policies, TOS and guidelines. This “book” was self published using the Kindle digital self publishing download system. Upon further research, I have learned that the author simply clicks a button stating they have read the “content guidelines” hit publish and viola’! It’s live and published. The content guidelines state no pornography, nothing offensive–and here they state they find offensive what you may expect kinda broad terms there huh??–nothing illegal, nothing stolen, copied or borrowed. So you download, format your book, click you read the above “content guidelines” (whether your book adheres to them or not) hit publish and it’s published and live. So these content guidelines are on the honor system. There is no hold on these things to see if they truly do meet the content guidlines BEFORE publishing. You can’t tell me that with amazon’s mega bucks profit they cannot put a hold on these things, review them, etc. They simply refuse. And until Amazon adheres and complies with their own company policies I refuse to even consider them as a shopping source. Period. The fact is this book had no business being published. Plus the fact amazon defended the book is mind boggling to me. In their own statement regarding the book they said they do not condone illegal activity. Well last time I checked raping a child WAS ILLEGAL. What a moronic, idiotic thing to say. Their silence since then has spoken volumes. The titles they carry still carry, speaks volumes. Their past track record speaks for itself. So I like alot of people are done with. Until policy changes, nothing changes. My opinion.

  16. Audrey Holden with Parents Take a Stand says:


    Your closing statement, “…I’m not so convinced. I sense that the company will continue to be embattled unless and until they make some kind of public statement about their decision to sell, and then remove, such reprehensible texts.” I think is more dead-on than many people are willing to admit. Especially so close to the holiday season when everyone is rushing to Amazon to get their shopping needs taken care of. I think the drop, although small, is very telling.

    Further to all the chatter above… the boycott of Amazon was only the beginning. We will not stop, nor be quiet until; by public and private action , retailers develop a criteria accepted by publishers of materials readily available through electronic media to prevent the dissemination of materials promoting and advocating illegal behavior, particularly illegal acts against children.

    If this means CONTINUED boycotts, demonstrations, protests (PEACEFUL) and the possibility of investigating legal action, then that’s exactly what we’ll do!

    Audrey Holden; Co-Founder, Parents Take A Stand

  17. Laure68 says:

    I personally will still shop at Amazon. I think they were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Sometimes when companies censor books they are called out for that. For example, they still sell the films by Passolini, which show the rape, torture, and murder of children. However, he is viewed as some kind of genius who fought against oppressors and censors. (I personally hate Passolini, but am often called a Philistine because of this.) Anytime anyone talks about not showing his films there is an outcry.

    I did the company did the right thing in listening to its customers and removing the book, but I don’t think it is such an obvious decision of what to remove and what to keep.

  18. sally says:

    It’s hard to understand why Mr. Greaves has not been forced to barricade himself in his house to keep people from stinging him up. This is a adult playing with the lives of children and trying to encourage others to do the same. This isn’t a little kid playing doctor, it is a full grown man who is suppose to know better. And how can all those people defend him saying that he should have the right to publish his filth because of “Freedom of speech.” rights? I still think something will be done about it, but if not then Mr. Greaves might have to move out of the U.S.A. There are probably LOTS of people who don’t care about his rights.

  19. Kari says:

    This book could be really instrumental is creating successful treatments for child sex offenders.

  20. Amazon Profits From Real or Imagined Sex Crimes Against Children says:

    Amazon Profits from “Sex Crimes” Against Children wrote:

    I found another book that needs to be pulled by following up on a post about Amazon promoting rape. It not only turns out to be true, but the book I found after entering “rape” into A’s search tool is about the gang rape of a twelve year old girl, with a twist: she enjoyed it, and continues to relive it in her sexual fantasies. This I gleaned from reading the first paragraph.

    The supposed author, Kim Mitchel, appears in a cover photo under the title, “RAPE ME!” trying to pose as provocatively as she can. She appears to be around 12-14 years old in the cover shot.

    I have no doubt that Amazon is profiting from the depiction of real or imagined sex crimes against children, having done this one small search.

    There may be a grey area when it comes to publishing but there is no grey area for me when it comes to protecting society from child predators.

    I hope that all of you who have vowed to boycott Amazon stay with it until at least after Christmas. As for me, I have never purchased from them, and never will. Please join me and Ignore Amazon this Christmas. They should pay a price beyond being embarrassed for allowing themselves to become a global threat to children’s safety and security. For me, it’s AMAZON NEVER!

  21. Amazon Profits From Real or Imagined Sex Crimes Against Children says:

    Oh, and not to mention the fact that Amazon cowered to government censorship in the Wikileaks affair, but ignores or resists calls from the public to protect children.

    Amazon’s priorities are all wrong.

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