Phoebe's Law


100330_bulle_princeexFriends and supporters of Phoebe Prince have begun a campaign to craft anti-bullying legislation in her honor.

The young Irish immigrant who committed suicide in January, after being viciously bullied by for months by popular girls at her school. The incident sparked a national outcry, and criminal charges against 9 of the students involved.

Now, family friend Daniel Cole is leading a simple campaign to save other kids from the kinds of abuse Phoebe suffered in the last months of her life.

  • Their premise is incredibly simple: they are asking anyone who reads their message to contact their state legislators and ask:
  • That the state begin work on strong anti-bullying legislation that would hold teachers, school administrators and students accountable for keeping schools safe.
  • That these laws be named “Phoebe’s Law” in memory of Phoebe Prince.

It’s not a complex, sophosticated movement for change. Just some hurting people reaching out and trying to do good work in the name of a girl they loved.

Photo: Slate

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