Photovine is Now Open. Snore.


Yesterday, Google’s iPhone photo sharing app opened up for public use. Before today, you could download it but in typical Google-style, you needed an invite to use it. Seriously? Because behind all the velvet rope, scarcity baloney it’s an iPhone photo sharing app… that’s just not as cool as Instagram.

The description for Photovine reads, “Photovine is a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like never before. It all starts with what we call a photovine: a group of photos around a single, shared caption. Start a new vine with a photo and caption of your own or add your photo/take on someone else’s vine.”

My translation: Photovine is a way to learn more about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like you’re already doing with instragram MINUS the really cool filters and PLUS the additional step of having to categorize which group of photos yours belongs to so that you can scroll through a whole “vine,” — 925 pictures of other people’s “Cutest Dog” along with your own.


Am I missing something? For the amateur shutterbug in me, the folks at Slide Inc. (an app development company that Google acquired last year) missed the fact that the filters (on IG) are 85% of the fun.

After five minutes of stumbling around in Photovine, I have come to appreciate the organic quality of my Instragam Feed even more. I love that a cursory glance at the stream is a smorgasborg of visual delight in real time — a new baby’s face, a temple in in the Middle East, a scene from a laundro-mat, and the ubiquitous food shot — it truly is a snapshot of my friends’ lives rather than one that is organized by topic. Variety is the spice of life, man! How many pictures of “Palm Trees” in a row do I really want to look at?

And oh wait, before I post it on Photovine, let me run it through a filter… on Instragram.

photo credit: me