Pi Day 2011: Game Takes You Beyond 3.14

pi day, archimedes
Archimedes busy approximating the value of pi.

If, conceptually, pi is something you need to revisit (can’t tell a Euclidean plane from a delayed flight on Delta?), I can’t help you out.

But if you just want a trick to perform at tonight’s Pi Day party (what? You and the kids weren’t invited to one?), I’ve got what you need right here.

Hooda Math, a really cool math games website — developed by a former middle school math teacher — put up a game especially for today, Pimon. It’s like Simon (where you memorize a sequence of colors) but with numbers.

Easy. Addictive. But educational!

After just a few minutes on Pimon, I’m already up to 3.14159265. (Please, no quizzes tomorrow.)

Check out the other Hooda Math games. They’ve got everything.

Image: Wikimedia commons