Pi Day : 3.14 Family Fun Activities to Celebrate Pi Day!

Pi Day
Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! Since 1989, March 14th has been designated as Pi Day. A day to reflect, celebrate and honor that all-important mathematical constant. Now, you may be wondering how you and your family can celebrate this day.  For your Pi Day festivities, here are 3.14 fun things to do for Pi Day.

Celebrate Pi Day with Pie:
Pie brightens any day, and any holiday worth it’s salt has a dessert attached to it. Hence a pie for pie day is perfect way to celebrate.  Bring in math by talking about fractions when cutting up the pie.

A Pi Coloring Sheet:
To introduce the young future mathematicians in your family to Pi, here is a very simple coloring sheet. They’re never too young to celebrate Pi.

Make a Pi Sign:
Get a paper plate (the sign must be round of course). Have the kids draw a pie sign on it and have them decorate it with their with pens, crayons or glitter. Pi, looks pretty no matter how you color it up.

And as for the ¼? Have a Pi Day dance party for 15 minutes. Go to You Tube and listen to American Pie by Don McLean and Sugar Pie Honey Bunch by The Four Tops.