Pi Day Becomes Pie Day: Making Math Delicious for the Kids

Pie Day or Pi Day? You Decide

Math is many things, but sugary, sweet and delicious? Not so much.  But there is one day where desserts meets sophisticated mathematics- Pi Day but some opt to celebrate it as Pie Day.

To celebrate March 14th many educators embrace the name Pi and actually combine it with Pie, bringing math and dessert together. And kids, they love pie. It’s a yummy way to inject some fun into what some students might view as a dull subject. At the San Francisco Exploratorium (where Pi Day was started back in 1989), they celebrate with the eating of pie since day one.  And there have been reports of pie fights, pie eating contests and constructing pie crusts into the form of Pi.

Now if only they combined dessert with calculus, America’s school test scores would totally improve.

Photo from the Sundries Shack