Pinch Me! Instagram for Android Is On Its Way


OMG! At the risk of not being taken seriously, yes… OMG!

Instagram is the popular photo sharing app that’s been a popular topic among us MomCrunchers. Right now, it’s only available on iPhones and amazingly enough, it already has over 50 million users. Chief Executive Kevin Systrom announced in Paris yesterday at the LeWeb conference that an Android version is on the way.

“We have two people working on Android now,” Systrom said. “I’m excited to be able to see our numbers today nearly double.” Can you imagine? Double. He did not, unfortunately, say when the work would be completed and when Android users can join in on the fun.

Instragram news flooded the streams last September when they introduced Instragram 2.0. Remember? That launch was a little rocky. Even with the competition, and perhaps because of, Instragram doesn’t seem to be resting on its first to market advantage and continues to forge ahead.

“Obviously, we didn’t start a business to not make money,” Systrom says. “Our focus now is on growing the network. You really need to build up the network, or no advertisers care.” Opening up the app to a whole new market with Android would accomplish that in one fell swoop.

I wonder what happens to our beloved IG when it comes time to monetize. Does it go the YouTube route with annoying little pop-up ads? Or like hipstamatic… paid filters? But those are questions for another day and another post. Right now, I’m already on IG obviously but I’m just thrilled that my friends on Android will soon be able to see how life on Instragram is just… so beautiful!

photo credit: Henry Lohmeyer