Pink Clothes for Boys?


palying_in_the_snow_013005_cropAs I alluded to the other day, prior to the 1940s the color pink was considered a color for boys, not girls.  Somehow, that perception flip-flopped so that now pink is seen exclusively as feminine.  We see it in toy stores, in clothing choices, even in the ribbons we wear to ward off breast cancer.  Quite simply, in today’s society, pink is for girls.  So what do you do if your daughter was born first?

That’s the dilemma Amy Graff faced recently.  She’s headed for some fun in the snow with her family and her son had outgrown the ski bib he wore two years ago.  He hadn’t, however, outgrown his older sister’s “powder-puff pink” snowsuit.  Graff is not big on gender stereotypes and wouldn’t have a problem with the pink suit on a boy, but faced opposition from her husband.  “My husband read my mind, and sternly said, ‘Our son is NOT wearing those,'” she wrote.

At five years old, I would be perfectly fine with putting my son in a pink snowsuit.  Were he older, I might hesitate and, certainly, would ask the boy what he thought, but if he was okay with it, I would be too.  What about you?  Would you let your son wear his sister’s hand-me-downs?

Photo: dee