Pink is the New Pink for 2011!

My kids, their colors, their ponchos.

If you were to see my daughter walking down the street any day of the week, you might see her in a very dark hot pink hat, hot pink leggings, and a poncho hand-knitted from yarn of every shade of, yes, pink!  Underneath that poncho she might have on her hot pink vest and a pink velour sweatshirt and finally, a turquoise t-shirt, a hand-me-down from her turquoise loving cousin. She loves turquoise, too, but she’s pretty in pink. (I had to say it!)

Turns out, my daughter with her pink dress code and niece are in the color vanguard.  Pantone, the color company responsible for so many paint chips and so much heart ache (Which shade of white is exactly right for the hall? Do I want more grey or more blue or do I want sand?) has announced it’s annual new color and it’s — you guessed it — Pink! Only they call it “Honeysuckle.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the color won’t actually have all a huge impact on products in 2011, because  those products are already being produced, but watch out for 2012!   Last year’s color, btw?  Uh, huh, you guessed it: Turquoise.

Apparently, even though the world seems kind of grey and drab —  Liu Xiaobo the Chinese literary critic and human rights activist is in prison instead of at today’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony,  politicians are fighting about the tax deal, unemployment is much too high — pink is all about hope. According to designer Jonathan Adler: “There’s an innate optimism to pink. Designer Nanette Lepore is ahead of the pink curve. She’d already chosen pinks along with oranges for her spring 2011 line. Why? “We wanted to look through rose-colored glasses,” she told the Journal reporter Christina Binkley.

As the mom of a pink-obsessed little girl who loves her pink clothing and is always delighted when her dad wears his pink button down and her mom wears her pink (hand-knitted) hat, I’m not sure how I feel about “honeysuckle,” the new shade described as “a sherbety shade of pink, with a hint of red and orange zest.”  On the one hand, the more the merrier when it comes to more pink.  On the other, more pink?

What do you say? Do your kids have a color of choice?  Do you like pink?

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