Plans for Steve Jobs Doll Canceled, Geeks Around the World Weep


Was your kid anxiously awaiting the chance to cuddle up with their very own creepily lifelike Steve Jobs in miniature? I have some bad news. In Icons, the company responsible for creating the doll, has stopped production. They plan to provide refunds to the customers who pre-ordered the doll with the anticipation of its arrival in February.

A statement on the company’s website says “We understand that this decision will cause many of the fans disappointment, but please forgive us as there is no other alternative unless to have the blessing from Steve Jobs family.”

Reportedly, the doll will not be sold due to the “immense pressure” the company came under from Apple Inc.’s lawyers and the Jobs’ family.

The 12-inch  doll, which was being sold for $100, was said to have an almost disturbing level of detail including pores and wrinkles on the sculpted head, visible veins in its hands and came with two pairs of glasses.

The Ken dolls of the world heaved a collective sigh of relief at the news. It looks like our daughters’ Barbie dolls won’t be pairing up with a billionaire in miniature anytime soon.

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In this case maybe it’s much better to stick with Babble’s 35 Favorite Classic Toys!

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