Plastic Surgeon Suggests Liposuction…for a Toddler


If any of you saw Bruno, and it’d be pretty hard to forget if you had, you’ll remember the scene in which Bruno interviews the parents of child actors. As Bruno’s questions become increasing ridiculous (“Is your child okay working with bees?”), the parents unflinching agree to put their children through outright traumatic paces. At one point Bruno asks if a woman’s 30 pound child could lose 10 pounds in a week and if said parent would be willing to resort to liposuction if necessary.

“Sure, if it gets her the job,” the parent said.

This scene, for me, was a low point in the film because it seemed there was no way this was for real. No parent, no human being, would honestly give their child liposuction, right?

And then I found this:

Gee Mom, why go to such extremes as liposuction? Why not just get that toddler to drop the old fashion way and teach her how to barf after every meal? Okay, this is a joke too. Har har. Bruno beat you to the punch, though.

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